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Each field tells you exactly what to do, but after one or two glasses you may or may not be a little bit confused. So here you go:

At the beginning of the game you join up with your pawn of the game, or whatever is there to use, at the start. The game starts from there and goes spirally into the middle. Let´s roll the dice! Try to be as fast as the wind to end up in the middle and be the winner.

The different fields in detail:


Start Shot

All contestants are joining up with their pawn in the game. Take a shot to warm up.


Make up a rule. Whoever breaks it has to drink. The rule is valid until another player gets on the playing field and makes up a new rule.

The contestant makes up a rule which has to be followed until the end of the game. Whoever breaks the rule has to drink.

All men drink

Attention guys! It´s your turn. Take a sip of your drink.

Forbid a word

Choose a word, that nonone is allowed to say. Whoever says the forbidden word has to drink. The word is forbidden until a different person is getting on the playing field.

The word is forbidden until the game is over.

Who may drink?

You have the power! Choose a person who has to drink.

Your left neighbor has to drink

It´s your left neighbors´ turn. He has to drink.

Rock, Scissors, Paper

A game everyone knows. Choose a player to be your opponent. Have a guess: The loser in this game has to drink.

Move two fields ahead

Congratulations! You are allowed to move two fields ahead. But don´t forget to fulfil the next task.

All singles drink

Singles? It´s your turn to drink.

Nominate three who drink

Lucky you! Third time is a charm. Choose three contestants who have to drink.

The leader drinks

Swallow the bitter pill. The leader has to drink. If more than one player is leading everyone needs to drink. You are in good company.


Refreshment needed? Take a sip of your drink!

Move one field backwards!

Bad luck! Move one field backwards and follow your next task.


All players have to drink.


Name items from a category. Whoever messes up has to drink.

All women drink

Girls! It´s your turn. Cheers! Take a sip of your drink.

Switch your pawn in the game with your left neighbor

Switch your pawn in the game with your left neighbor. But don´t forget to do your new task.

Roll the dice again

Lucky you! Roll the dice again and do your new task!

Back to the start

Jinx! No luck for you this time. Start again. Cheers!

Down it

You must be really thirsty. Down your drink. And don´t forget to get a new drink afterwards.

Nominate two who drink!

Choose two people who have to drink.

Your neighbor to your right drinks!

This time it´s your right neighbor´s turn. Take a sip of your drink.

Take a rest

Breathe deeply! You are allowed to rest this time. So get drinks for everyone.

The oldest player drinks!

Old geezer! It´s your turn. The oldest one has to drink from a drink you choose.

Never have I ever…

Reveal something you have never done before. Whoever has done it, needs to drink.

If I were you…

It´s getting exciting now! Select a person who swaps the perspective with yours.

Your neighbors drink

Lucky one in the middle! Both of your neighbors need to drink.

Youngest member drinks

The baby in the group needs to drink. Cheers!

Accompany the last player

The early bird catchest he worm! Not in this game! Accompany the last player in the game. Do your new task.


Now it comes down to business! The player has to start chugging his drink. Everyone else has to start as well. The player can stop chugging whenever he wants, but the person to his left can't stop until he stops. The other persons can go as long as they want, because the player next to them can't stop until they stop, and so on.

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